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I Knew You Were Trouble PARODY (Taylor Swift) - lyrics

Once upon a time
Before I was insane
I dated this disney guy
Joe Jonas was his name
But he broke up with me
"You're just way too creepy,
Plus I found someone else,
His name's Mickey"

So I wrote a song
About this stupid ass
Then found this guy named John
But that was over fast
If you don't marry me
I will pull out your teeth
You're totally crazy
No, Yes, No, Yes, Maybe
He hit me with his guitar
And he said that we are through
Just you wait until I write a song about you
Then I met that Jack Gyllenhaal dick
And was obsessed right away
You've sent me one thousand messages
Adn that's just from today
Oh, that's because I'm having your baby
But you don't even put out
Stop questioning me Jakey
Or I'll punch you 6 feet underground!

Whoa, Whoa
Psycho, psycho, psycho!
Fine, go!
It's good material

Next came Kennedy
I think he was fifteen
I bought the house next door
To watch you constantly
And also to make sure
You never ever cheat
OMG we are done
You are scary!

Harry was my last
That one direction freak
I taped him to my wall
So he could never leave
Someone call the police
You're insane we are through
You're just like all the rest
What did I do to you?
So I used my stalker app
To track down all of those pricks
The next song I write I'll use their blood as my ink

Holy crap that nut job just bursted in
What the hell is this?
It's a support group for all the men
You wrote songs about you bitch!
I have not written about Harry yet
I am just planning ahead
Why are you even here anyway?
To finish you all off with my pen
No! No!
Devil devil devil!
Ow! Ow!
It's true, I'm the devil

Okay that's enough
You were right she's nuts
You are coming with us
Wait, what?!
Get off of me
I'm not crazy! Ahhh
It worked

This was all a trick
We knew you would come
So we hired this doctor
You're going to an insane asylum
Based on the behavior I observed
Ah! Ah!
Let me go you assholes
No! No!
Welcome to your new home

Hoho! So you're crazy too, huh?

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