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Live While We're Young PARODY (One Direction) - lyrics

Last night we had an orgie,
we had an orgie
and there were no women allowed
We all woke up together,
woke up together
My body’s kind of hurting now.

Hey! Do you like my new hair-do?
Oh my gosh it’s really cute!
I did my nails too.

Do anyone of you wanna screw?
Oh god no honey, we’re cool.
We like dudes!

All these ladies, ladies, ladies but we don’t want none.
We rather jump on each other and slap our bums.
Oh no those hot girls want our nuts, we better run
Oh look it’s Simon!
Whose up for a tug?

We don’t know what we’re doing?
Or what we’re sayin’ cause we don’t writer our own music.
We do what Simon tells us or else he belts us!
You are my five sexy puppets.

No, we can’t even really sing.
We use this computer thing.

We have no control over anything that we do.
We signed our lives away and now we’re mindless fools.
Hey guys, lets all get married in that kiddie pool.

Ya, that sounds real sweet.
I will be the priest.

I now pronounce you husband, husband, husband, husband and husband, you may now rub your nipples.

Hey boys, now that we are all officially married
Tonight we don’t have to wear a ( )
Now lets all take off our shirts.

We’re half naked, naked, naked and it’s so much fun
After we splash around we’re gonna all make love
Hey guys, what’s up with Zayn
Looks completely stunned?

What’s wrong with you Hun?
I drank too much cum.

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