Cato Major: Carthago delenda est! - lyrics

Threat feeds the lies to kill the bloodline
Ideals of Rome, the idea of prosperity
Freedom, guides me through the heart

I am a soldier of Rome
I am descendant of Mars
I am the son of Jove
The son of Jove

Hannibal, great general
Of the Carthaginian hordes
Barbarian, this is your final stand

How dare you invade
Our lands and break the treaty
A thousand miles away
A forgotten reign

We shall defend the honor of Rome
With every breath we take
To the end of times
Our glory will feed the brave

"Rise, General Scipio, and lead us to victory!

Mars is by our side, raise your gladius
As we are the light, they are the darkness
For this Republic, for honor
We are Romans!"

Advance, stand with me
Children of the gods
Soldiers of the chosen ones
Fight with me and die with me
The eagle of Rome shall stand for eternity

As worlds collide
Burning lies, traitors crucified
The enemy pushed back forever

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