The Rise of Hannibal - lyrics

Hear the sounds of a distant time
Echoing voices of ancient tyrants
Hamilcar, son of Cathage
Bestow the seed of the lion broods

From this day,
One will rise, many will fall
To seek the throne of sand

Thy perilous nations
Tremble at the hands of your enemies
I've seen your fate
In dreams far away

Oh let the sun shin upon you
Rise my son, avenge thy father
For this glory is built in fire

"Father, on this day, I promise to never be a friend of Rome,
to treat them as a mortal enemy, this promise I make with my blood!
I am the son of Carthage, I bathe in the blood of Rome
Plough and eagle set to war!"

Feel the might of Carthage
The power of a thousand spears descending
Beasts crushing the skulls of the enemy
Eternal storms ascend

In honour of my father
We shall rise again

There's no place to die
There's no end in sight
There's only pain, only death
Only one shall reign

Forgotten legends
Lay amongst the wasted lands
Kink of all kings, merciless

Descend upon thy
With might an power
Warriors of the sands

Fear me
For I am Hannibal

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