The Roman - lyrics

From the sword of Romulus
To the blood of Caesar
I give myself to the will of the gods
Guide me through faith

Dignity and virtue, strength and honor
Bless me with the skills of war
I serve the truth
I serve the light
I am Roman

I've seen the cold worlds disappear
Into the dark upon the burning crosses
The crescent moon bleeds the blood of tyrants
I bring order for the world to prosper with courage at hand

I will never yield
I am Roman

Con il sangue in mano, con onore del aquila, siamo figli di Romolo,
uno sogno, un brivido, sempre con te fino la fina die tempi, ave Roma!

Oh, as they whisper
Sounds of domination
Let the beasts of the world fall
Let the civil world rise
Philosophers of the world
Write down the antics
Of the ancient world
Bring forth evolution

Her beauty is vast
Her reach infinite
Her wrath is unmerciful
And I will serve you until the end of times

I am Roman
The Roman

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