His Eye Is On the Sparrow - lyrics

Ooh, ooh why do I feel
So discouraged
I want to know why
Should the shadows come
Hmm humm why, why, why
Why should I feel so, so lonely, so lonely
And long, long for heaven and a home
Oh yea
Since Jesus, since Jesus
Since God is my portion
My, my
My constant friend
stay with me Jesus
Oh, Lord, be my constant friend
He's my savior
oh, his eye
His eye is on, well, oh the sparrow, oh, yes it is
And I know Jesus watches
He watches over me
Oh thank you Jesus
I sing
I sing my song
because I'm happy, I'm so happy
Oh I sing, I sing because God in heaven makes me free
Don't leave me Jesus, oh, oh Lord
His eyes is on the sparrow
I know you watch with your eye
I know you're with me, Jesus
His eye is on the sparrow
And I know, oh, my God, Lord Jesus
He watches me

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