I like blondes - lyrics

i wanna fuck you. bangin down. booty low to the ground. crack that pussy open.
take the dick and make your momma proud. balls deep. beatin' cheeks. booty meat
in the sheets. excreting. now swallow all my salty treats. i'll slap it on your
tongue. lick the tip until i cum. baby girl, come get you some. suck it til
you're done. i got more come than kingdom come, i shoot my load out like a gun.
i got my girly havin fun. i lick the clit until she done. yeah, that's my little slut. so shake it like a soda pop. shake it up and blow it up. shake it
like a soda pop slut. i got that pussy poppin, titties bouncin from ya hoppin
on my dick. stick shift with your pussy lips. you got me speedin up on that
ass. tear it up from the back. slap my shaft on the crack. i pull her hair and
bring it back. i want them titties in my mouth. i want you bouncin on my lap. i
wanna make you fucking scream. i wanna bite your lip and spank your ass. i
wanna spit on your cunt and shove my tongue up inside while you gag on my cock
a little while. yeah you do it with a smile. yeah i do you with a smile. wanna
beat it up rough like its goin outta style. i make it worth while. get my girly
wet n' wild. put my head between your legs. will you please just fuck my mouth?
take the dick to ya lips. lets give us a kissjerk me off and suck the head.
you'll be eatin my jizz. you'll be eatin my kids. you'll be suckin this dick
and i'll be slappin them tits. i'll bend ya shit over the counter bitch. slap
that booty up and squeeze her tits. i'm pullin you on. grabin ya wrists. i'm
throwin the dick atcha uterus. i wanna fuck you. suck on your pussy lips. drip
cum to ya tits while ya jerkin my dick. i take her on the floor. on her feet.
i'll take her on the bed. i'll take my girly on her knees gettin fucked in the
head. i'll take the pussy instead. she wants the pussy instead? i pull her hair
and choke my bitch. i'll slap her ass rose red. yeah my bitch can fuck my head.
damn, i want that pussy spread on my lips. get the tip of my dick wet.

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