No Place Like Home - lyrics

There's no yellow bricks to follow back and run from that disaster
Familiar sins come crashing in
And sever forever and after
My old friend its time I leave you here
For once for all in frozen alabaster
Believe me

There's no place like home
There's no place like home

A shallow grave
Where I can keep it safe
For hideaway, for just in case I need it
My old friend
It's time to say goodbye again
No need to tell me where you've been
I feel it

Shallow graves for shallow hearts,
For pick-me-ups and fall-a-parts,
For promises that never started right

Carolina, Carolina
Tell me how am I gonna get down from here
You only ever just disappear
But I can't letchya go

Carolina, Carolina
Tell me am I getting the ending right
I know I started it wrong, but I,
I think that it's as easy as 1, 2, 3,
Do you see what I do?

Truth or dare
Yes, I double dare you
You, you, me now I think you got it right

There's no place like home (x5)

Oh, another day on the assembly line

Everybody better march in time

Cause the factory don't care why

You been sayin' coulda, shoulda, woulda (x3)

(Toy soldiers will you follow…)

Face the music when it's dire

This is true love, ever after

This is true love, ever after

True love ever after

This is true love ever after

This is true love

Ever after

Once upon a time

This place was beautiful and mine

But now it's just a bottom line

Oh, yeah…

Follow bricks
And happily
Ever after we
Lived, The End

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