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Footprints - lyrics

You were nothing but a shadow
You were always the forgotten one
You were standing in a dark place trying to be left alone

You've been sleeping in the gutter
But you always looking at the stars
Everyone knows who you are but they never really cared at all

There's an ocean deep inside you
An ocean that will drag you down
And you waiting for a hand but they really want to see you drown

You are wondering every day
Would they noticed if you gone away

When you fall
When you break
When you fail to
Stay awake

Will you call my name
If I've been the same
If you can’t run any longer

Would you call my name
Cause I know you've been
In my footprints

All the people that you once loved
All the people that you thought you knew
They were by your side a short time but the first to leave you

When your final day were getting close
And I cried for you to wait
There were no way coming back and you told me that I was to late

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