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Free Fall - lyrics

When I was a boy
Somebody said
They’ll spit on your corpse
If you play dead

They'll leave you to bleed
When they are done
Just hit them twice as hard my son

When I was a boy
Somebody said
If you're in a war
Don’t be afraid

Your hand is your gun
Your point of view
Your only way to win my son

They are calling you these names
And the lies behind your back
And they never really cared at all

You're standing all alone
Against everyone you know
And they really want to see you fall

Everyone is who they are
And they never going to change at all
Free fall

Everyone is who they are
You can never really change them all
Free fall

When you were a boy
They must have said
Just nothing at all
Like you were dead

You’re walking around
They way you are
If only I could break you down

You're talking like you're someone
Acting like a true scum
But you don’t know I already won

When everybody comes back
You’re standing on the same map
Cause you don’t really change at all

Everybody's leaving and everybody knows
You will always be remembered as a bully I suppose

Everybody's leaving everybody’s gone
You will always be the one they told us not to hang around

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