12 - lyrics

mom and dad don't like me
they said i haven't got a clue today
and everything they know is true, they say
and that i'm wrong
they punish with a combination of
verbal abuse and total lack of love
and they ignore me

mom and dad won't buy me
what all the other kids in class have got
i tell them they can kiss my ass a lot
but they refuse
but they refuse
i could so divorce them
i can so drive myself
i can live by myself
if i'm allowed
i could throw big parties
and stay out late at night
and those i hate just might
be gone for good

i should just get married
they wouldn't get an invitation and
they'd get to see us in the street
and stand
so powerless
except i'm only 12 which shouldn't make
a difference because it's their mistake
so i'll ignore them

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