I Wanna Be (A Starship Ranger) - lyrics

I wanna be a Starship Ranger
I wanna have the things they've got
I could be a Starship Ranger
But there's just one little thing they are
That I'm not

All of my life I've pictured them out there
Keeping the peace in outer space
I may not be up there with 'em
But I've got what it takes

I've got a hunger & thirst for adventure
I wanna travel the galaxy
The future is now, so I don't see how
The time isn't right for me

And I'll admit
It's all in my head
But who says it can't be real
They may be far away, but I can safely say
It doesn't change the way I feel

I wanna be a Starship Ranger
Even if it might sound strange
Maybe now, I'm not a Ranger
But all of that is right about to change

All of your life
You've had your head stuck up in the gaseous atmosphere
Don't forget that dirt is solid
And clouds can disappear

When you're an insect
You have a purpose, like it or not, from a fly to a flea
Need I remind you, leave that stuff behind so you can find what yours can be?

'Cause the needs of
The many bugs-

ROACH & BUG: they outweigh the few

And everybody knows it's just the way it goes
And there's nothing you can do

You wanna be a Starship Ranger?
Discover worlds far and near
Who gives a crap about Starship Rangers?
The greatest life to live is found right here

Now come on! Last one there is a delicious rotten egg!

Dirt eater!

Exoskeleton Polisher!
I wanna build honeycombs!
The Bug that ruins your picnic!
.... A fly on the wall!

We've all got a job to do
And it's how we all survive
By giving our life to the hive

'Cause the needs of
The many bugs
They outweigh the few

BUG: I know today's the day
CHORUS: (Today's the day)

EVERYONE: I/we will find what we're meant to do...

The Queen will surely see I'm not like everyone else
She'll take one look and know my rightful calling
She'll understand that I just can't be living my life for the hive
And I can finally
Know what it's like to be alive!

I wanna be something that can
Serve the greater good of our race
I'll do whatever I can
To make our world a better place

If only I could get to outer space!

I wanna be a Starship Ranger
It doesn't matter at all where I'm from
So look out, Starship Rangers
Cause here I am

Here I am

And here I come!

Dirt eater!
Exoskeleton polisher!
The bug that ruins your picnic!

It's all I wanna

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