Unclassified lyrics Video Karaoke
Bad Mom Song (Parody - Britney Spears)
Responds To Vanity Fair Scandal (Parody - Miley Cyrus) music video clip
I Kissed A Girl (Parody - Kate Perry)
Jonas Brothers Addict Anthem music video clip
Womanizer (Parody - Britney Spears) music video clip
Christmas (Parody - Miley Cyrus)
7 Things (Parody - Miley Cyrus)
You'll Look Like Poo (parody-Miley Cyrus-When I Look At You)
Outer Space (Lady Gaga - Poker Face Parody) music video clip
OctoMom Song Parody of Low
Brangelina Parody Adopt Me Too
No pantsjust dance music video clip
The Snooki Song
Outer space
Crush on A Yeti Parody Britney Spears music video clip
It's Halloween music video clip
Hillary, Be My Best Friend
Just A Zombie
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