Gorge - lyrics

This is a thing of legend:
I've made my own, you won't control my destiny.
Die for yourself and no one else
Don't be fooled cause they won't stop.
Deadly fires, you're burning alive.
I've got nothing else
I'm not the one to be controlled.
My face pushed down, I rise up to one knee
My eyes deceive, yet I still dream!
I found my God in this bottle
Destroyed my fears now there's no turning back.
Goddamn this fucking place
I had no chance to cave
These walls are closing in bringing back my pain.
It's all so untrue:
How your pride killed my faith.
The biggest lie ever sold
Is now a household name.
I've risen from the dead
To bring back my own heart.
This is my saviour: my one true friend.
Lies and deceit abundant
I'll break your fuckin' neck.

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