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video Bury Me Alive Vampires Everywhere!
video Who Saves the Savior? Us From Outside
video Heres To The Crowd Pleasers Thoughts Under Fire
video Lady Of The Lake State Of East London
video The Air I Breathe Our Last Night
video Beast Of Blood Malice Mizer
video EX Hanni Kohl
video Go West Young Man... Greeley Estates
video Lollipop Framing Hanley
video Výprask Dark Gamballe
video Drop dead Brokencyde
video It Never Ends Bring Me The Horizon
video Afterlife Avenged Sevenfold
video Motofoko Atari Terror
video Canishoryuken As the world fades
video Early Grave Architects
video We Operate The Deceased About A Plane Crash

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(23 songs, total time 1:34:49)