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Name Description Number of songs My rating Inserted by
Playlist 259 Delta5
České duety 40 palota
16.06.29 Creation date 16 ROSEKISSES
Whatever2 36 Stripedrose
Whatever Just random songs 39 Stripedrose
PL2 American 230 queendera
Im trying Random songs, as much as i can put 34 JadeFlower14
Random Stuff3 There might be a lot of these... 34 JadeFlower14
Show and movie songs Songs from t.v shows and movies 57 JadeFlower14
Blah I wasnt really into this one...kinda 34 JadeFlower14
Turn up fridays 72 jill84
Cool list Pop music in the 80's 90's 39 keskess
My list 83 hanafi98
RHCP favorites 59 Kwyjibo
Olga Lounová 8 Josephpace
My awsome playlist These are all of my favorite songs :P 32 Roxy11
Kravitz 16 confet
Favorite power metal songs 26 tsw516
Christian songs Praise and worship songs 13 zche
Random stuff More and more of random randomness 36 JadeFlower14
Great songs Folk, rock, indie songs 42 keskess
Nightcore By Nightcore 128 Papa456
Christmas songs 89 ashaki
Anything you want All that i want 192 percy72n
Bell and kristyns Pop 64 coolkids123
Blah2 Just random stuff because i am typing ra.. 40 JadeFlower14
Rebecca Czech 5 Josephpace
Vocaloid 77 Kagamine02
Delain Rock 16 blue13
My awsome playlist2 i just needed a new playlist to put old.. 18 Roxy11
Akeboshi 12 queendera
Rock country, and pop Love all of them hola 56 Amyrlin
Hömppää 14 SikkiNixx
Chloes songs All 11 tammay
Country songs 84 love101
PL5 Cartoon network 14 queendera
Sixx AM 9 SikkiNixx
Random junk I was bored and this is what came up 17 Roxy11
Pouze zpěvačky 193 palota
Nejlepší zahraniční duety 87 palota
2015 4 tashakat
Lovers list 197O-80's slow funk & soul 17 keskess
Adele 11 musicrox
Nothing Here To Do 10 TessLinston
K pop Korean pop music 8 julyanto
Disney Disney/pixar 84 ginnyweasly
PL3 J bands 38 queendera
Michael bubble 17 ladyinred
Amazing list George michael most funky songs 12 keskess
Karel Gott 5 Josephpace


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