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About the project

Do you have a band and want to make yourself more visible? Goal of this project is to promote bands, artists, lyrics writers. In addition to this, users may compete here in creative competitions from time to time, become fanclub members and talk about music.

What can I publish here about my band?

If you open a profile here, you may add your lyrics. If you have some videoclips at youtube, you may add them here too. If your band does not sing Czech, you can even add here translations of your songs to make them understandable for everybody. You may also create a karaoke for your songs, and users may sing them. You also may create here a fanclub. Users may become fans of your band. If your band plays concerts, add it here to attract another fans.

What if I do not have a band?

No problem at all. If you think you can write song lyrics, just feel free to add your lyrics. Maybe some band will notice and musicalize it.

What is karaoke text

It is the lyric of the song, which is possible to display during playing the song, similarly to i.e. film subtitles.

Where I find more info?

Check help. You will find there several instructional videos.