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DieSAMARRA   (20.1.2018)

Wow amazing g

Anniiiie   (8.11.2017)

I love him! He is so adorable and his voice is so cute!!!!!

danielmierez   (2.5.2015)

i love all jb songs

nikkib_98   (10.3.2015)

I love Justin biebers songs

kudrnc   (31.7.2014)

He followed me♥

Breanna12   (2.7.2014)

Even though he let fame get to him he is still my fav singer

israelcarter   (3.5.2014)

i love justin i can sing too i just got friends with him on fb

Ifuckdicks   (29.3.2014)

JB I would lyk 2 fuk yuh

viktorie1801   (28.4.2014)

Get lost!

LaLaGirl   (25.3.2014)

I love you Bieber have a good life us beliebers will always be their for you.

ErinDK   (6.3.2014)

I'm confident

chattin   (26.2.2014)

i like him but he did do something to get arrested

LibbyLu   (28.1.2014)

I love justin bieber i wish they never arrested him good thing he is not in jail hopefully he wont be deported

jujstin   (15.12.2013)

Hey!! :-*

JustinWesley   (1.11.2013)

Hi piople