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bunny101 8.12. in 19:50
sup, broskies!
EMU_WOLFIE 29.11. in 17:31
hello 😊
DemonPhantom 28.11. in 2:54
DemonPhantom 28.11. in 2:49
Hey, it's me DemonPhantom... anyways those of you who are WWE fans or WWF fans, who is your favorite?
Btw you can. if it's the Brothers of destruction(Undertaker + Kane), and they count, because that's who I vote.
so what's yours?smilesmilesmilesmile
Annabelle112 15.11. in 16:39
Anniiiie 10.11. in 13:44
Hi Guys. If you Are a Kpoper, Check out BTS fanclub.
These babies need more fans in this site. And Remember, If you Are V or Suga biased, DM me, You are My twin…
musiclov 18.10. in 20:02
Hey everyone. Who are all Bon Jovi Fans? smile
DemonPhantom 14.10. in 21:37
how do i make a song on here?smile
bunny101 30.9. in 21:38
squishy1106 30.9. in 21:37
Hey! You should TOTALLY check out Why Don't We, they are THE BEST for only been teens. They have SO much depth to their songs and they mean a lot. (just fyi bunny101 is my sister)

bunny101 30.9. in 0:53
YOU GUYS SHOULD CHECK OUT THE WHY DONT WE FAN CLUB! its for 5 young boys who have inspired me so much to not only sing but to be a better person! i love every single one of them with all of my heart! i hope you guys at least look them up. they are very hard working. they love their fans. they do everything for their fans. and ZACH IS MINE! just thought you guys should know. but im being fr they are super freaking lit. and no matter what i will love them forever and ever!

rpriver 28.9. in 23:30
sup brossmiledose anyone vape
bunny101 20.9. in 1:52
sup broooooooooooo
BadbunnyB 19.9. in 21:19
bunny101 3.9. in 19:22
bunny101 3.9. in 19:19
im bored can someone PLZ talk to me???????????
bunny101 3.9. in 19:19
bunny101 3.9. in 19:15
hey someone talk to me im boreddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddsmile
Lukyzz 20.8. in 12:45
Hey, i have a little problem. I can't login on my phone, only on PC. On phone it's writing, that my name is not in database. Can you help me?
vmax 5.7. in 18:09
Whats up?
222222222222 2.6. in 22:56
Hi . Someone for a chat in private messages? 22.5. in 15:48
New guestbook is now working. In case of spammers, please write me private message, thank you all!

We are once again developing page.
amaca17 14.5. in 6:31
someone message me
amaca17 14.5. in 6:23
pm me
amaca17 14.5. in 6:21
@shhayyy: hey
Anniiiie 4.5. in 13:27
@222222222222: hey
shhayyy 19.4. in 23:50
@222222222222: Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
222222222222 16.4. in 17:36
shhayyy 12.4. in 23:10
@musiclov: HEYYYYYYY smile
musiclov 10.4. in 4:19
Hi, does anyone want to be my friend.
Anniiiie 29.3. in 16:10
@emem104: I just send you a friend request smile
emem104 26.3. in 22:10
Anniiiie. i am so loney can you add me on your friends list.smilesmile. Or
Anniiiie 24.3. in 7:53
hey guys. what's up? smile
Livv 14.3. in 20:55
@E-man: Oh sorryy baee.... Just trying out diff emoji's.... heh...
E-man 14.3. in 20:53
@Livv: what???? smile
Livv 14.3. in 20:52
@E-man: smile
Livv 14.3. in 20:49
@E-man: AAAAAaaaWWWwwww YOU TOOOO!!! smile
E-man 14.3. in 20:48
@Livv: Love you bae smile

@shhayyy: STOP YOU YOU JERK-FACE. smile
shhayyy 14.3. in 20:46
@Livv: Mhm. i thought you love him?? You just called him a "Cheater-Hair" haha smilesmile
Livv 14.3. in 20:45
@shhayyy: I will just say he is better for me not you. mhm. You should know better how to handle a cheater-hair. okay?? so, little girl, GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER. smile
shhayyy 14.3. in 20:44
@Livv: Have fun with this man. smile
shhayyy 14.3. in 20:43
Why aren't you with me, like you said?? smile I thought you were good for me. smile But now your just an enemy smile So, when you find out about me and someone dating, DO NOT crawl back to me. smile
Livv 14.3. in 20:37
@E-man: I luv you my baeeee! smilesmile
E-man 14.3. in 20:36
@shhayyy WELL THIS IS A PIECE OF MY UNCLE J'S PIE. (it is so gross) NO ONE MESSAGE THIS DUMP. HAHAHA smile And I am not sorryyy, Shhayyy. smile
shhayyy 14.3. in 20:34
@E-man IS A PIECE OF TRASH. DO NOT MESSAGE/TALK TO THIS LOSER. HE IS A CHEATIN CHAMP. UGHHH....smilesmile (read previous messages on here)
shhayyy 14.3. in 20:31
@E-man: ARGGGG... I knew you were an enemy smilesmile
E-man 14.3. in 20:30
@shhayyy: no bae.. your not hotttieee baeeeeeeeeee
Anniiiie 14.3. in 14:03
hello guys, what's up?
shhayyy 11.3. in 0:42
@E-man: Um, Babe??? smilesmile
E-man 10.3. in 20:27
@Livv: Heyy Your a Hottttiiieeeee BBaaaaaaaaaaaeeeeee smilesmile