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Kiss And Say Goodbye - karaoke text

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I had to meet you here todayThere's just so many things to sayPlease don't stop me 'till I'm throughThis is something I hate to doWe've been meeting here so longI guess what we done, oh was wrongPlease darling, oh don't you cryLet's just kiss and say goodbyeMany months have passed us byI'm gonna miss you, I can't lieI've got ties and so do youI just think this is the thing to doIt's gonna hurt me, I can't lieMaybe you'll meet,maybe you'll meet another guyUnderstand meOh, won't you try, try, try, try, try, try, tryLet's just kiss and say goodbyeOh,I'm gonna miss you, I can't lieUnderstand me, I won't you trywon't you tryIt's gonna hurt me, I can't lieI take my handkerchief and wipe your eyesMaybe you'll find,maybe you'll find another guyYeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeahLet's just kiss and say goodbye

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Karaoke added by Alheiza