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She's Got A Way - karaoke text

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she's got a way - of getting inside your soulshe'd breach the walls of jerichomake you fall like virgin snowshe's got a smile, makes you forget the thingsyou were only just thinking aboutit kind of turns me inside outand if i try to conceal, she's got a way to reveal i feel so naked - i feel so totally exposedit's such a mystery, how she seems to know, every part of mei feel so shaken - and it's like everybody knowswhenever she touches me, no one else can feel, as much as meya she's got a way she's got a way - of taming the wild in mewith patience and serenityI'm drowning in her reveryand i can't run away she's got a way to make me stay she comes to me like rain falls down my windowsure as night will follow day - i'll surrenderya she's got a way Vice na

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