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Sacrilege - karaoke text

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I'm never gonna understand this.I'm never gonna let it be.I just can't understand this aged plan. It's obsolete. How could you recognize and cherish hysteric fairy tales.They've come to life. Now sit by and listen...the whole world wails. I feel as though I've been abducted,or maybe I am just misplaced,As I watch these rash hysterics lay to waste the human race. Just ask them if the sky will open and save us from the truth.They say that they'd leave todayjust without, without you. Is this one big joke?I can only hope.Say your prayers, they're the final punchline. I don't see the lovebelow or above.I see you're scared wellI feel fine. Oh please believe I'm doing just fine.For what's deceased I shall never grieve.Just let your faith die. I feel I have been abandoned.I alone seem to see disgraceas I watch these mad dogmatics govern our entire race.Don't tell them you can walk on water or they may drink your blood.Why live for pain, in the namethe name of, name of love? I can only hopethis is in one big jokewith your prayers as the final punch line. How is it divinewhen it's flawed design?Fill the cracks with faith I can't find. Screaming for pure loveyou veneratedelusion based in hate Bleeding from pure lovefor this I pray:We've got to shake the faith Vice na

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