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Forever waiting for disasterWhat David calls servant and master,will you play it too?As this displacement begs for water,swimming, bathing, drowning in Sorrow, scream with me I crawl across this cracked expansion.I'll be buried soonbeneath the sand with pure intentions,wanting something, someone to follow For a change I'll refrainfrom hiding all of me from you.Here's my lullaby -pray for rain, lose your nameand watch all your dreams fall through.Hush now, don't you cry. I swoon upon my knees come crashingWill you bury me?Today, this small favor I'm askingHold me. You may drop me tomorrow. Calm down. Come down, cold resides with me.I flee to decemberunderground.As you exhale I breathe in the waterundergroundand I'll grow pale without you. Vice na

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