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Dark Town Sally - karaoke text

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Dark Town Sally had it well, but she didn't have it good.Terrified of not correcting all the things she should.And she goes down, down, down.Like a twisted juggernaut.And she goes down for things that she forgot.Dark Town Sally's half insane and thinks she hides it well.Smiling kindly while she sleeps inside her homemade Hell.And she goes down, down, down.Juggling so many rolesAnd she goes down like so many lost souls.And she goes down, down, down, down,Down, down, down, down, down.Dark Town Sally's paranoia keeps her up at night.She should have slept a full eight hours, she thinks as it turns light.And she goes down, down, down.Fantasizing all the way.And she goes down, down, down.Grinning each and every day.And she goes down, down, down.Like a fourth row suicide.And she goes down.Until she dies.

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