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The Alphabet Serial Song - karaoke text

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A is for the cannibalistic sadomasochist Albert Fish.B is for the lonely lover, broken-hearted Bela Kiss.C is for Charles Starkweather's handsome nervous twitch.D is for the Son of Sam, aka David Berkowitz.E is for Edward Gein, a massacring machine.Francisco del Junco dispatched some crackheads with a can of gasoline.Gary With the typical disregard of your average serial killer.Qigong Master Hu Wanlin could take your breath awayWhile The Iceman Cometh in the night.Jeffrey Dalmer's fine cuisine could rival Edward Kemper'sBut only if his dates were fresh and ripe.Prolific Pedro Lopez wins the body count, 300 dead.Herbert Mullin, bless his heart, did everything God said.Dennis Nilsen's c***py classic rock record collectionShould've killed them, but no, he used his hands instead.Onoprienko killed 52 people, and Pogo the Clown was inherently evil(Though he made one hell of a weiner-dog balloon).Thomas Quick and Reinaldo Rivera both sliced with a knife.Arthur Shawcross' Tour of 'Nam was a boon.Well, T is for Ted Bundy who would kill off girls who were really cute.U is for the Unabomber, whose method was the mail chute.V is for Joseph Vacher, an ugly vicious brute.And W is for Aileen Wuornos, the patron saint of prostitutes.Citizen X perplexed the Reds when his DNA didn't match the dead.Li Yuhui discussed Feng Shui over a cup of tea.The Zodiac Killer, right down to the last letterWill take you from A to Z in the song about serial killers.

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