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Johnny Depp, you are deepi like to watch you when sleepand smell the shirt in which you slept Johnny DeppJohnny Depp, you are hipi like to bite your lower lipand scrunch your Edward ScissorhairJohnny bearyou got tattoos. one said I knowbut you broke up with herand now it just says 'wino'Johnny Depp, you are cruelyou're the harbinger of droolmow my lawn with that shirtJohnny dirtJohn A, John B, John C, John D, John-eeeeeeeeyou like girls with foreign accents, tiny waistsi'm not a waifbut i could love you more than you would probably deserveJoh-nny Depp, you're the bomb!if you come to meet my mom,i'd cry a single salty tear, Johnny dearJohn A, John B, John C, John D, John-eeeeeeee

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