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Want you to want me - karaoke text

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I'm here give me a glance Been following you like a shadow This is how I spend my time Dreaming about our days tomorrow Another day has gone by Another moon another sun I can wait for you, my love Don't want to do any harm Just trying to get to your attention Sometimes I walk away Cause I know that we can't ever be together Sometimes I close my mind I can't keep this love for myself any longer Somehow I have to find the right time to say That I want you to want me Even in.. my dreams I hope you know who I am Through all the letters I have sent you Know I'm not the only one Wanting and dreaming about you Two different worlds between us You're on the spotlight far from my touch I can't wait here forever For a sign from your eyes The magic I wish I could have I should have walked away Cause I knew that we can't ever be together I should have closed my mind Should've known that this love can't go any further I should've stopped myself from this dream cause life Will never want you to want me Even.. in my dreams In my dreams.. In my dreams..

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Karaoke added by Moonblade