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Want you to want me - karaoke text

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I'm here give me a glanceBeen following you like a shadowThis is how I spend my timeDreaming about our days tomorrowAnother day has gone byAnother moon another sunI can wait for you, my loveDon't want to do any harmJust trying to get to your attentionSometimes I walk awayCause I know that we can't ever be togetherSometimes I close my mindI can't keep this love for myself any longerSomehow I have to find the right time to sayThat I want you to want meEven in.. my dreamsI hope you know who I amThrough all the letters I have sent youKnow I'm not the only oneWanting and dreaming about youTwo different worlds between usYou're on the spotlight far from my touchI can't wait here foreverFor a sign from your eyesThe magic I wish I could haveI should have walked awayCause I knew that we can't ever be togetherI should have closed my mindShould've known that this love can't go any furtherI should've stopped myself from this dream cause lifeWill never want you to want meEven.. in my dreamsIn my dreams.. In my dreams..

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