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Scientifically accurate Ducktales - karaoke text

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Did you know ducks are necrophiles? That’s duck science. They don’t have sphincters, dump in piles That’s why ducks don’t buy pants. And we have to face this Male ducks are rapists! DuckTales! Whoo-hoo! Scientifically Accurate DuckTales. Whoo-hoo! Crazy pooping birds should go to duck jails. Then there’s the whole pool of gold. Scrooge won’t write a check. And whether he was young or old If he dived in he’d break his neck. A gold pile looks neat, But it’s hard as concrete. DuckTales! Whoo-hoo! Scientifically Accurate DuckTales. Whoo-hoo! Danger! Duck’s behind you If you’re a girl ducks will grind you. Also ducks are cannibals. DuckTales. Whoo-hoo! Have salmonella, H5 and bird flu! Scientifically Accurate DuckTales. Whoo-hoo! Last verse is on genitalia So stay in your places. Because ducks hump so much, Girl ducks have vagina mazes. To screw around this Ducks grew a corkscrew phallus! DuckTales! Whoo-hoo! Disgusting crapping cannibalistic DuckTales. Penis in the shape of a corkscrew DuckTales!

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