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Scientifically accurate Spider-man - karaoke text

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Spider-man, Spider-man. Scientifically accurate Spider-man. No dashing grin or blue-eyed stare. He is covered from head to toe in hair. Scientifically accurate Spider-man. Spider-man, Spider-man, four pairs of eyes on Spider-man. Lengthy arms and little mass, his web erupts from out his ass. Look out, accurate Spider-man.He doesn’t give girls time of date. It’s a science fact, spiders are gay. There are 250 Spiders on your skin, so he probably lives somewhere on your chin. Look out, spiders produce milk. Can’t wear cloths or he can’t climb. He is naked all the time. His dick falls off, that’s how he mates. Let me say that again. His dick falls off. Spider’s dicks fall off.Spider-man, Spider-man, scientifically accurate Spider-man. All his powers are that good, didn’t even mention how he eats his food. Here’s a hint, it happens outside his mouth, and his dick falls off. And his dick falls off.

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