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Sympathy for Slender Man - karaoke text

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Have you heard of the man Who is ten feet tall? He scares people away Cause he's got no face at all Super long arms With tentacle end But the tragedy is He just wants to make friends Ba bum dum dum Slenderman Sympathy for sle-eh-eh-eh-ender man He hangs out in the dark Cause he's go nothing to do Wore his very best suit Just to impress you Have sympathy for poor slenderman He's too tall for a car So he walks all the way He always tries to surprise you In case it's your birthday His breath smells bad Cause he can't brush his teeth He tried to take off his mask And found a mask underneath He bumps his head When he enters a door His shoes are shabby Cause it's hard to find size 24 His Tvs are all broke He's out of groceries too He's skinny cause He saved he biggest portion for you Ba bum dum dum Slenderman Sympathy for sle-eh-eh-eh-ender man His raspy voice Is just a common cold He's got so many arms But nobody to hold Have sympathy for poor slenderman He hangs out with the trees Because to trees don't judge His friend requests ignored From Sadako and The Grudge Sympathy for slenderman He's always doing the best he can Just don't get this song Stuck in your head Or he'll show up tonight At the end of your bed And no one meets slender With out winding up... ....dead? No sympathy for slender man.

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Karaoke added by TheAcentura