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Sympathy for Slender Man - karaoke text

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Have you heard of the manWho is ten feet tall?He scares people awayCause he's got no face at allSuper long armsWith tentacle endBut the tragedy isHe just wants to make friendsBa bum dum dumSlendermanSympathy for sle-eh-eh-eh-ender manHe hangs out in the darkCause he's go nothing to doWore his very best suitJust to impress youHave sympathy for poor slendermanHe's too tall for a carSo he walks all the wayHe always tries to surprise youIn case it's your birthdayHis breath smells badCause he can't brush his teethHe tried to take off his maskAnd found a mask underneathHe bumps his headWhen he enters a doorHis shoes are shabbyCause it's hard to find size 24His Tvs are all brokeHe's out of groceries tooHe's skinny causeHe saved he biggest portion for youBa bum dum dumSlendermanSympathy for sle-eh-eh-eh-ender manHis raspy voiceIs just a common coldHe's got so many armsBut nobody to holdHave sympathy for poor slendermanHe hangs out with the treesBecause to trees don't judgeHis friend requests ignoredFrom Sadako and The GrudgeSympathy for slendermanHe's always doing the best he canJust don't get this songStuck in your headOr he'll show up tonightAt the end of your bedAnd no one meets slenderWith out winding up.......dead?No sympathy for slender man.

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