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Welcome To The Future - karaoke text

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When I was ten years old,I remember thinkin' how cool it would be.When we were goin' on an eight hour drive,and I could just watch TV.And I'd have given anything,to have my own Pac-Man game at home.I used to have to get a ride down to the arcade,now I've got it on my phone.Hey, glory, glory, hallelujah.Welcome to the future.My grandpa was in World War II (two),he fought against the Japanese.He wrote a hundred letters to my grandma,mailed 'em from his base in the Philippines.I wish they could see this now,the world they say is changing oh.'Cause I was on a video chat this morningwith a company in Tokio.Hey, everyday is a revolution.Welcome to the future.Hey, look around it's all so clear.Hey, wherever we would go and when we.Hey, so many things I never thought I'd see.Happening right in front of me.I had a friend in school,running back on a football team.They burned a cross in his front yard,for asking out the home coming queen.I thought about him today.And everybody who's seen what he's seen.From a woman on a busto a man with a dream.Hey, wake up Martin Luther.Welcome to the future.Hey, glory, glory, hallelujah.Welcome to the future.

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