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Just Kiss Her - karaoke text

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I look in front of youI'm sure this is the girlBut she's not for youYou're creep et she's a belleYou think she looks at meAm I invisibleShe's just playing with youI don't know what to doYou told me (I told you)Dance with herTrying to do itI was there she doesn't careShe still ignore meDancing with her friendsTell me how to doMaybe it's overYou saw that twice so easyShow us who you areYou told me (I told you)Talk with herShe didn't hear my voiceShe didn't hear my nameMy shyness is a gameNow I have no choiceYou told me (I told you)Just kiss herYou told me (I told you)Just kiss herNow she's good for us (16x)

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Karaoke added by lizzygrant