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Sons - karaoke text

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We are young and we live fastAlways dealing with the pastWe are all lost in a crowdWe don't have time to be screwedSome of us born between the cracksNever finding the right pathWeighed down with concrete blocksWe are all on the same trackWe are all, We are the sonsWe are all, We are the sunwe may not know everythingBut we're still ready to chooseYou're a lier in a rowNo more patience for those tearsWe are all fucked with clean shoesYou better off changing that suitIf you don't want to be wetWhen you'll follow the riverWe stand on the edgeReady to stayLooking on that cageIt's not all rightWe are all, We are the sonsWe are all, we are the sun

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