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Gonna Get This [This Boy that Girl] feat Iyaz - karaoke text

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I think we got somethingHey,it's my girl Hannah!And Iyaz on the track right now.Today,we gonna get thistoday,we gonna get thistoday,we gonna get thiswe gonna get thiswe gonna get thisI can hear ya crankin up then speakersI don't really wanna show up any laterBecause soon we're gonna party like it's new years (oh oh,oh oh)Yo,I'm lovin all the music that they're playingBut,ain't hearing,anything you sayingToday,we're gonna get this,gonna live exquisite(oh oh,oh oh)Somebody dance beside me,cuz i'm feeling good at this partyYeah,I'm fly just like Bob MarleySo here we go again,so just lead upAre you the boy,the boy,the boythe honest truth,the real McCoyIf you're the boy,the boy,the boyThen make me feel like a movieThis girl,this girl,this girlcan be the one to rock my worldSo be my girl,my girl,my girlAnd love me just like a movieIcan see you hangin out in the courtyardlookin fly and you're finally coming overI been checkin out you but you didn't notice(oh oh,oh oh)Yeah,I'm clean and it's really nice to meet ya1-2-3,can you smile for a picture

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