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La Gloria - karaoke text

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Oh Suzi you're shaking your red hairDisco diva y flamenco chicoYou know the eyes'll all be fixing on you tonightLa bonita a la vista de un marineroThe men in the "casa de rosa"They have a penchant for livingShe'll be dancing till the coca wears off tonightWho's a bad girl tonightTonight she'll be having funThe likes of which we'll never knowTonight she'll be having funSee her goLa la la la la la laLa la la la la la laWoah estamos en la gloriaOh Suzi you're shaking you're red dressViva tango to revive the bullShe'll be dancing, she'll be clicking her heels tonightIf you see her estrellita, she'll make you king for a dayOle to the cabareteraShe'll sing all your troubles awayLooking down the barrel of a loaded gunPata tendida!Si no la bandidaShe go rattattatta!Ariba ariba ariba andale!Kiss all them working day blues awayTill the light of dayEstamos en la gloriaLa la la la la la laLa la la la la la laWoah estamos en la gloria la gloria la gloria

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