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Magdalena - karaoke text

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Please don't tell me I can't make it It ain't gonna do me any good And please don't offer me your modern methods I'm fixing to carve this out of wood From Nogales to Magdalena There are 60 miles of sacred road And the promises made to those who venture San Francisco will lift your load In the land of old Sonora A shallow river valley cries The summer left her without forgiveness It's mirrored in her children's eyes Prodigal sons and wayward daughters Carry mandas that they might Be delivered from the depths of darkness And born again by candlelight And born again by candlelight Blisters on my feet, wooden rosary I felt them in my pocket as I ran A bullet in the night A Federales' light San Francisco, do you understand? Tell him that I made the journey And tell him that my heart is true I’d like his blessing of forgiveness before the angels send it through And I will know that I am clean now And I will dance and the band will play In the old out to cantina Cause we’ll runneth over the ancient clay And if I should fall to temptation when I return to evil throes From Nogales to Magdalena As a two time beggar I will go where I know I can be forgiven The broken heart of Mexico The broken heart of Mexico The broken heart of Mexico

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