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Good Night Sweet Girl - karaoke text

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are we done for nowor is this for goodwill there be something intime with us there shouldonly girl for me is youthere can be no other oneif i didn't have faithi would come undoneso much promise in your eyesseems that i can only seeit always makes me wonderif ya save it all for memaybe you domaybe you don'tmaybe you shouldprobably won'tcause there will bethere will be other guyswho will whisper in your earsay they'll take away your sadnessand your fearthey may be kind and truethey may be good to youbut they'll never carefor ya more than i doi'll be always therethere to the endi can't do muchbut be your one true friendto the endto the endour lives to spendwith each other to the endof timestill see the promise in your eyesand still wonder if it's for mebut i know it's still thereeven when you sleepso i saygood night...sweet girl

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