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She Moved Through the Fair - karaoke text

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My young love said to me,My mother won't mindAnd my father won't slight youFor your lack of kind.And she stepped away from meAnd this she did say:It will not be long, Love,'Til our wedding day.She stepped away from meAnd she moved through the fairAnd fondly I watched herMove here and move there.And then she made her way homeward,With one star awake,As the swan in the eveningMoved over the lake.The people were saying,No two e'er were wedBut one had a sorrowThat never was said.And I smiled as she passed meWith her goods and her gear,And that was the lastI saw of my dearLast night she came to me,My dead love came in.So softly she cameThat her feet made no din.As she laid her hand on me,And this she did say:It will not be long, love,'Til our wedding day.

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