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Never Underestimate A Girl - karaoke text

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It takes a girl to understand Just how to win She knows...She can I think it's clear Who wears the pants What boy...could stand...a chance (Vamp) She makes it look easy In control completely She'll get the best of you...every single...time Thought by now you'd realize you should (Chorus) Never underestimate a girl Gets anything she wants She's never gonna stop (You know it...we know it) Never underestimate a girl She's always got a plan The world is in her hands She got the lipstick Puts it together Boys have it good But girls have it better...(watch out) Your secretary might End up your boss Whether you...really like it...or not (Vamp) She makes it look easy In control control completely She'll get the best of you... every single...time That's no no you should She might be the president Make all the rules Don't try to win the game You're only gonna lose Now girls you know we got it Got it goin on We've been tryin to tell them all along Listen up guys Take a little sound advice Vice na

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