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Crush - karaoke text

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Ahh crush, ahhh See you blowin' me a kissIt doesn't take a scientistTo understand out what's going on babyIf you see something in my eyeLet's not over analyzeDon't go too deep with it - babySo let it be what it'll beDon't make a fuss and get crazy over you and meHere's what I do, I play it looseNot like we have a date with destiny It's just a little crushNot like I faint everytime we touchIt's just some little thingNot like everything I do depends on youSha la la la, sha la la la It's raising my adrenalineYou're bangin' on a heart of tinPlease don't make too much of it - babySay the word forevermoreThat's not what I'm looking for,All I can commit to is maybeSo let it be what it'll beSha la la la, sha la la la

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