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Life's Been Good - karaoke text

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I have a mansion forget the priceAin't never been there they tell me it's niceI live in hotels tear out the wallsI have accountants pay for it allThey say I'm crazy but I have a good timeI'm just looking for clues at the scene of the crimeLife's been good to me so farMy Maserati does 185I lost my license now I don't driveI have a limo ride in the backI lock the doors in case I'm attackedI'm making records my fans they can't waitThey write me letters tell me I'm greatSo I got me an office, gold records on the wallJust leave a message maybe I'll callLucky I'm sane after all I've been throughEverybody says I'm cool (He's cool)I can't complain but sometimes I still doLife's been good to me so farI go to parties sometimes until fourIt's hard to leave when you can't find the doorIt's tough to handle this fortune and fameEverybody's so different I haven't changedThey say I'm lazy but it takes all my timeEverybody says Oh yeah (Oh yeah)I keep on going guess I'll never know whyLife's been good to me so far..

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