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Baby, There's Nothing Like You - karaoke text

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I've crossed the high and mighty creek That spans the San Farcisco Bay Saw the sun set in the west In an non forgetful way Sailed the white Pacific Ocean While it was in it''s darkest blue But they still have nothing like you. I've seen the bright lights of broadway In old New York town Saw a star light up the night As it came tumblin' down And the great Niagra Falls Well I've seen them too Ah, but baby, there's nothin' like you. I've seen the winter day turn warm And the roses start to bud Saw the risin' of the moon Through a cloud red as blood Saw a rainbow of all colors When the storm and rain was through. Ah, but baby there's nothin' like you. Yes I've been most everywhere Done everthing there is to do Ah, but baby, there's nothin' like you...

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Karaoke added by Moonblade