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Hello Darlin' - karaoke text

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Hello Darlin'Nice to see youIt's been a long timeYou're just as lovelyAs you used to be.How's your new loveAre you happyHope your doin' fineJust to know itMeans so much to me.What's that Darlin'How am I doin'Guess I'm doin' alrightExcept I can't sleepAnd I cry all night 'til dawn.What I'm trying to say isI love you and I miss youAnd I'm so sorryThat I did you wrong.Look up Darlin'Let me kiss youJust for old time sakeLet me hold youIn my arms one more time.Thank you Darlin'May God bless youAnd may each step you takeBring you closerTo the things you seem to find.Goodbye Darlin'Gotta go nowGotta try to find a wayTo lose these memoriesOf a love so warm and trueAnd if you should ever find itIn your heart to forgive meCome back Darlin'I'll be waitin' for you.Goodbye Darlin'...

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