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I've Aged Twenty Years In Five - karaoke text

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As I look in the mirror this morningOn some dirty old restroom wallIt took a while to realize it's really me there inside'Cause I've aged twenty years in five.I recall when I looked much youngerAnd it wasn't so long agoBut one night of sleeping to four nights of wineAnd you'll age twenty years in five.I've aged twenty years in fiveI've seen the dark side of lifeFrom a mansion on a hillTo straight whiskey from a stillAnd you'll age twenty years in five.Before the bottle I played my musicOn the road with a five piece bandAnd with the pressures of the gameI drank up fortune and fameAnd I aged twenty year in five.Oh, but I'll change this way I've been livingOr I'll be gone before my timeI'll climb back to the topAnd with my friends I won't stopTill I erase twenty years in five.

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