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Yearning - karaoke text

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Yearning to be with the one I can't agree with Yearning to hear you call my name Like a fool I left you and now I can't forget you Please forgive me take me back again. I'll never be the same without you, darling You'll always be my everything My love for you's still burning and my poor heart is yearning While you wear another's name. Yearning to hold you, to let my arms enfold you Yearning to hear you call my name Yearning to kiss you, oh darling, How I'll miss you Oh, how I wish you felt the same. I never knew how much you cared about me I thought that you were fooling me Now I'm yearning to kiss you, oh darling how I'll miss you I wish that we could make our remonce sweetheart...

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Karaoke added by Moonblade