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The Garden - karaoke text

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I went walking in the gardenI was tripping on snakesAnd I ain't asking for your lovingI'm just asking what your love is gonna takeIgnorance is bliss when you're young enough to kiss uh uh uh ohYoung men don't need pardonsHow much love you gonna makeKeep your head above the waterAnd breathe before the ice of the lakeI ain't gonna let him twist my wrist,I ain't gonna let him kiss these lips no oh oh ohYou've been falling close to arsonDidja leave your pills at home?You got a problem with your headAnd the doctor says you shouldn't be aloneWell I got hips and you got lips I plan to keep them oh oh oh ohThis ain't johnny carsonI've got thoughts that ain't my ownI'm talking black souls dressed in red And things that I never shoulda knownTrue love has its benefitsAnd I plan to reap 'emYou got hips and I got lips I plan to keep 'em, oh oh oh

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