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Victoria Justine feat Miranda Cosgrove Leave .. - karaoke text

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I know, you seeSomehow the world will change for meAnd be so wonderfulHere I amOnce againFeeling lost, but now and thenLive lifeBreathe airI know somehow we're going to get thereAnd feel so wonderfulWhen you figure out howYou're lost in the moment, you disappearIt's all for realI'm telling you just how I feelYou don't have to be afraid to put your dream in actionYou're never gonna fade, you'll be the main attractionWake up the members of my nationIt's your time to beNot a fantasy (not a fantasy)Just remember me (just remember me)When it turns out right (When it turns out right)'Cause there's no chance unless you take oneAnd the time seeNow if you live in your imaginationTomorrow you'll be everybody's fascinationYou see the brighter side of every situationIn my victory (In my victory)Just remember meWhen I make it shineLeave it all to meLeave it all to meWhen I make it shineJust leave it all to meWhen you live in your imagination (Leave it all to me)When I make it shineLeave itMake itLeave itMake itLeave itMake itLeave itWhen I make it shineJust leave it all to me

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