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i came into this world as a rejectLook into these eyesThen you'll see the size of these flamesDwellin on the pastIts burnin' up my brainEveryone that burns has to learn from the painHey I think about the dayMy girlie ran away with my payWhen fellas come to playNo she stuck with my homeez that she fuckedAnd I'm just a sucker with a lump in my throatHey, like a chumpShould I be feelin' bad? NoShould I be feelin good? NoIts kinda sad I'm the laughin' stock of the neighborhoodYou would think that I'd be movin' onBut I'm a sucker like I saidFucked up in the head, not!!Maybe she just made a mistakeI should give her a breakMy heart will ache either wayHey, what the hellWatcha want me to sayI wont lie that I cant denyI did it all for the nookieC'monThe nookieC'monSo you can take that cookieAnd stick it up your, yeah!!Stick it up your, yeah!!Stick it up your, yeah!!Why did it take so long?Why did I wait so long, huhTo figure it out? but I did itAnd I'm the only one underneath the sun who didn't get itI cant believe that I can be deceivedBy my so called girl, but in realityHad hidden agendaShe put my tender heart in a blenderAnd still I surrenderedHey, like a chumpIm just gonna stay here and always be the same

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