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It might take too long to turn the lights back onI guess I lay awake, I guess I'll lay here and prayCould you pour me one more drink? A glass of gasolineHelp me burn my pain, light me up in the rainMy so-called life is so good´Why do we die?Why do we die?Slow downYou wonder how Ive been, you aint been checking inJust hope my vital signs would send me home againMy babys in the grass, Jesus on the dashI drive myself insane just hoping I could stayMy so-called life is so goodWhy do we die?Why do we die?Slow downSlow down, slow down, slow down, slow downWhen deserts turn into floods, White orchids cover with mudNo magic carpet today, not todayWho takes the reigns when Im gone disintegrate from my throne?No magic carpet today, not todayWhy do we die?Why do we die?Why do we die?Why do we die? Vice na

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