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The carbonation in my drinkThe bubbles rise while my heart sinksAnd I'll I tend to do is think of youWas it easier to pack your bagsAnd book that flight to paris asThe plane began to move that afternoonWhen all the trains have pulled awayFrom local stations in decayIt's I who waits, it's you who's late againAnd did you think of me when you made loveTo him, was it the same as usOr was it different, it must have beenAnd all the pretty damesThey'll hug and kiss you all the sameAnd when they go, they're goneThey're not run-ning lateOh all, all the pretty damesAnd the kids you hold in your armsWith promises to protect them from harmBut they grow, and they goAnd you're all a-loneAll the kids, all the kids that you holdAnd it's a shame that it ends this wayWith nothing left to saySo just sit on your hands, while I walk aw-ayIt's a shame, it's a shame, it's a shameWhen my hands begin to shakeWhen bitterness is all I tasteAnd my car won't stopCause I cut the brakesI hold on to a hope in my fateOh oh ah ah hey heyMay you return to love one dayWell I hope and I prayYou get what you gaveOh oh ah ah hey hey

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